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Griffin is a large red Doberman who is full of personality.  Despite her size, she is as friendly and good-natured as a dog can be. Griffin is very motivated by treats and toys.  Her favorite game is tug, although she can also often be found trying to make fetch happen.  A bit of a drama-queen, Griffin loves to be pet and be loved on by people, and will vocalize her displeasure if she feels that she's not getting enough attention.  In addition, given her good nature, Griffin also helps lobby for animals in DC.



Boston is a blue Doberman and is the smaller of the two sisters.  What she lacks in size, she makes up for in athletic ability.  Boston loves the outdoors, including hunting or chasing prey, swimming, or anything that involves running. Given her active lifestyle, Boston is excellent at determining how bandanas, coats, and collars will hold up to the elements.  Despite her outdoor activity levels, Boston loves nothing more than curling up on a comfy, soft dog bed once inside and receiving chin scratches from anyone who is willing to sit and cuddle with her.



Rory is the Dobie Sisters mom.  A lifelong lover of dogs and photography, Rory spent much of her childhood roaming through the woods with her camera and her German Shepherd, Pepper.  Now, as an adult, she enjoys roaming through the woods with a much fancier camera, Boston, Griffin, and her husband, Richard, in their home state of North Carolina and beyond.  Rory began combining her love of dogs and photography by setting up the @dobiesisters Instagram account, where she and the Dobie Sisters began their social influencer careers.  In addition, as an attorney, public policy professional, and former Staff Director on Capitol Hill, Rory also advocates for dogs professionally through the White Coat Waste Project, and volunteers at Doberman Rescue of the Triad.




Richard is the Dobie Sisters dad.  Richard's childhood dog, Blueberry, was a Dobie-mix, and he's loved the breed ever since.  As an incredibly busy healthcare executive, Richard enjoys being able to relax and hike with the Dobie Sisters whenever possible, allowing nature to help him "hit the reset button."  He also enjoys playing the roll of the navigator, meandering the family Jeep down dirt roads in search of new places to hike and explore.



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